A downloadable tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Phaser Editor 2D is an HTML5 game IDE.

The editor provides several tools to create games:

  • Level editor (2D) and compiler.
  • Sprite animations editor.
  • Assets manager.
  • Texture packer.
  • Advanced JavaScript/HTML editor.
  • Advanced Phaser API documentations tools.
  • Phaser official examples as Project Templates.
  • Quick project setup.
  • Local HTTP server.

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The games are powered by the Phaser framework. The IDE is a third-party tool developed by an independent team, however, is known in the Phaser community as a serious alternative for Phaser games development.

The v2 of the editor is in active development (preview) and supports the latest Phaser v3.


Phaser Editor 2D has a freemium license model. All features are present in the free edition, it is fine for small games, just are set some limits on the number of assets.

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Phaser Editor 2D v2.1.4 / Phaser 3.20.1 / windows
PhaserEditor2D v2.1.4 / Phaser 3.20.1 / macOS
PhaserEditor2D v2.1.4 / Phaser 3.20.1 / Linux

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