Phaser Editor 2D v3.32.0 released!

Phaser Editor 2D v3.32.0 released. Welcome Marketplace.


I'm pleased to announce the new Phaser Editor 2D v3.32.0! And the new Phaser Editor 2D Marketplace!

By the way, Happy New Year!

Download Phaser Editor 2D v3.32.0

Games and tutorials

If you are creating games, tutorials, or any other content (no matter if it is your first project) with Phaser Editor 2D, please tell me, and I will be proud to feature it on the website, newsletter, and social channels.


A lot is happening in our Discord server. Join us for collaboration. Ask questions or tell us your ideas. Your feedback is highly appreciated and is very important in the process of providing a more friendly and stable IDE.

Phaser Editor 2D Marketplace

Finally, it is here!

Phaser Editor 2D Marketplace

After months of waiting for the marketplace, I managed to complete it. The key was using a static site generator. A solution that helps me build it fast and keep your content secure.

The new marketplace is a site for listing content generated by the community of Phaser and Phaser Editor 2D:

  • Project starter templates
  • Examples
  • Websites
  • Libraries
  • Plugins

Anyone can list its content there. You only need a GitHub account and some basic knowledge about how a Pull Request works.

For more details on collaboration, check the README of the GitHub repository of the marketplace.

This is just the beginning. These are some tasks I want to do:

  • Make a visual and friendly admin interface.
  • Integrate the editor with the marketplace, so you can browse the project starters & examples and create a project with them.
  • Build a desktop client independent from the editor, for the general Phaser community.
  • Add more project starters & examples for different purposes.

Customizing the editor with the new project configuration file

I added a new way to configure the behavior of the editor. It is the phasereditor2d.config.json file.

This is a file you create in the root folder of the editor and has settings for customizing the plugins, URL of the game, resource filtering, and more.

Learn more about the project configuration file.

Installing plugins

Phaser Editor 2D uses a plugin-based architecture. It has built-in plugins and third-party plugins.

For this release, I added new ways for provisioning plugins, in the scope of a project:

  • Installing plugins using NPM. The best option for installing third-party plugins. Like the NinePatch GameObject plugin.
  • Provisioning plugins via the project configuration file. The best option for installing custom plugins, like plugins with web fonts loaders.

Yet is missing some tutorials and project templates about creating custom plugins.

Learn more about plugins provisioning


I updated the All in One edition of the editor to the latest ElectronJS. The good news is that it fixes the White-screen issue reported by a couple of Windows users.

Other changes

What's next?

I will keep working on the marketplace: I will add more content, new sections, and work on a friendly admin interface. Also, I will make a short iteration on the project's issues list.

Keep in contact!


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