Phaser Editor 2D v3.33.1 released.


Today we are releasing Phaser Editor 2D v3.33.1.

This is a small release with a few bug fixes and minor features.

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New project templates

Now we have a project template for wrapping your HTML5 game with a native app. For now, it is configured for generating an Android APK, but you can add other targets like iOS. It uses the CapacitorJS framework.

Also, I added a project template with a plugin for loading custom web fonts in the editor. It helps you on using custom web fonts in your game and the editor at the same time.

Both templates are listed in the All-in-One new project wizard, but you can get them from the Phaser Editor 2D Marketplace too.

New features

The new Object Constructor user property type

#212 The new Object Constructor user property type.

Added a new Object Constructor user property type. It opens a dialog for selecting a built-in or prefab type. You can use it to reference a constructor that you can use later to dynamically create objects. For example, a bulletTypeproperty may reference the type of bullet of a gun object.

object constructor property

Learn more about the Object Constructor type

All-in-One marketplace integration improvements

With the All-in-One version of the editor, you can create a project based on a template or example hosted in the Phaser Editor 2D marketplace. In this version, all the content (template files & template info) is locally cached. All cached content is in the ~/.phasereditor2d/all-in-one/cache folder.

Bug fixes

  • #210 Missing Variable Pane. Removes everything related to the Inspector view sections.
  • #216 No Textures are Available to Select from the Select Texture Window When Using Components.

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