Phaser Editor 2D v3.34.0


I'm glad to announce a new version of Phaser Editor 2D! It contains a new Polygon shape game object and re-worked layout tools with new Origin commands.

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A lot happened to me since the last release of the editor. I made a tutorial about integrating Google H5 Ads with a Phaser game. I created my first game (and studio?) for the Cuban market. The local TV channel in my small town did a TV report about it 😎. I got sick with dengue for a week. I was contributing to the organization of the first videogame development festival in Cuba. I traveled with family to enjoy something about this summer and now I'm painting my house. I hope to get back fully into the editor development in a week.

Polygon game object

Now you can add polygon shapes to the scene! This is a feature requested by clients and sponsors for a long time.

For creating a polygon shape, drag the Polygon block into the scene:

Polygon block

Also, you can activate the Polygon tool (Y) and edit the polygon's points.

You can drag or delete a point:

Drag a point

And you can add a new point, by dragging at a point of a polygon side:

Add polygon point

You can learn more about the Polygon in the documentation

Origin commands in the layout toolbar

I added new Origin commands to the layout toolbar in the scene. It is a shortcut for setting the origin of an object while preserving the same position:

Origin commands in the layout tools

The commands are available also in the context menu:

Origin commands

Learn more about the origin layout tools in the documentation

Other changes

  • Fixes assets preloading when pasting a layer/container prefab from another scene.
  • Removes the Key and Digit prefixes from the label of commands.
  • Scene Editor: fixes layout operations with scaled images.
  • Scene Editor: improves layout toolbar. Adds origin actions.
  • #229 Fixes serialization of tilemap layers as children of containers and layers.

What's next?

Complete the house painting! Then I will get back to work and focus on the new features: an Arcade physics object and some body-editing tools.

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